5 Air Conditioning Installation Tips Every Homeowner Must Know

An air conditioning system works perfectly when you select the correct AC system and when it is appropriately installed. The installation is vital in determining whether the air conditioner system will affect the household environment after a few years. There are some essential tips for AC installation in Grand Prairie.

Tips That You Should Know Before Installing An AC System

After considering all the factors like room estimates, the SEER rating, and other things, you should only then purchase the air conditioning system. Here are five points that you should remember before installation:

Insured And Licensed Contractor

If you want your AC system to provide you with comfortable services for a long period, you should ensure that you have hired a licensed contractor. An HVAC license from the official authorities assures you that technicians are certified to carry out the AC services in Grand Prairie. Moreover, having a license means that the technicians are insured and bonded.

Building Permit

In many states, it is essential to have a building permit before building or repairing anything. You should have a building permit if the AC system installation requires amendments to the residence structure. Most HVAC contractors forget the building permit part. It may lead to penalties if the authorities find out you do not have the permit for the work.

Warranties And Guarantees

Warranties and guarantees are the safeguards you have to protect yourselves from expensive AC repairs in Grand Prairie. Before signing the deal, have a crystal clear idea about the HVAC system warranty.

No Subcontractors

Technicians suggest hiring an HVAC company for AC installation in Grand Prairie instead of going to subcontractors. An HVAC company hires the technician team after doing background and drug testing. Moreover, they give proper training to the technician before assigning real-life projects.

Beware Of The Low Prices For Installation Services

Most homeowners invest in the most expensive and energy-efficient AC system but hire a company that provides services at cheap rates. Even the expensive AC unit will start malfunctioning due to improper installation.

Things To Remember During Installation Service

Here are some things to check when the AC service in Grand Prairie comes for installation:

  • Ask the technician to find the perfect spot for installing the AC system.
  • Ensure the refrigeration pipes do not bend on any corners.
  • Check whether the technician has covered all inches of refrigeration pipes with insulation.
  • It is better to avoid installing outdoor AC units where it receives direct sunlight.
  • Ensure the technician installs the outdoor unit on a bare elevated floor and maintains a distance from the residence wall.


Problems like AC leakage, mold growth on walls, and improper air flow issues happen due to improper installation service.

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