5 Common Furnace Repairs You Can Avoid!

Is your furnace now operating at maximum efficiency, or does it require maintenance? Maintenance is the best way to ensure your furnace works for a long time and runs smoothly without causing trouble.

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Common Furnace Repairs That Can Be Avoided

Here are five furnace repairs that are frequently made but can be easily avoided by annual maintenance:

  • Inadequate Heat: If you feel the furnace is not delivering adequate heat, it may be due to a clogged air filter. Your furnace’s filter keeps the furnace operating efficiently. Dust, toxins, allergies, and other airborne particles are all removed. It preserves the quality of the air in your home.

    These filters require routine replacement. The type of filter will determine how frequently you need to replace them. It is best to clean the filters weekly and replace them after three months.
  • Thermostat Issues: Sometimes the thermostat needs repair rather than the furnace itself. A thermostat helps you to control the heating system, and the furnace might malfunction if it is uncalibrated or has wiring issues.

    You can ask our technician to check out your thermostat if it isn’t functioning properly. Our heating repair expert in Grand Prairie will fix the issue or install a new one if there is an issue with the hardware or the software.
  • The Furnace System Does Not Switch On: Your furnace won’t turn on or start the heating cycle if there is excessive dust in the ignition assembly or the pilot light is not working. In some cases, it can cause the entire system to stop working. If the pilot light glows yellow or orange, call our heating repair expert in Grand Prairie for inspection, as there is a carbon monoxide build-up inside the system.
  • Poor Airflow: The ducts get clogged with dirt over time, making it difficult for the hot air to circulate effectively throughout your house.
    It is best to schedule heating service to clean the ducts every three or five years to keep them in great condition for several years.
  • Heat Exchanger Issues: The heating system’s working hero is the heat exchanger. It is the part in charge of transferring heat from your furnace to the other parts of your house.
    The heat exchanger’s tubes will start to deteriorate and crack if you don’t maintain them, which could impede the entire system. Calling a heater repair company to come out and fix or replace the exchanger is the best action in this situation.


A furnace has a lot of additional components that could malfunction and require repairs, so keeping up with routine maintenance will ensure that it operates at peak efficiency all year long.

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