A Guide To Air Conditioner Energy Efficiency

Your AC helps you fight the heat during summers. Everyone wants to enjoy the cooling and comfort of an AC at the most affordable price. The best way to control your cooling costs is to choose an energy-efficient air conditioner. As the electricity rates rise, you might consider an efficiency upgrade and ac repair in Grand Prairie.

Different Types of ACs

As per the customers’ different living conditions and requirements, different types and sizes of air conditioners are available in the market, even though all air conditioners use the same cooling technology, you may find one type of AC better than the other per your needs and budget.

  • Central AC

Central ACs are designed to cool an entire home or multiple rooms at one time. You can control it by using a wall-mounted thermostat. The central AC system comprises three main parts, compressor, condenser, and evaporator.


  • It will keep your whole home at a consistent temperature.
  • As all the noisy parts are located outdoors, it works quieter than other types of ACs.
  • It filters and removes the dust and dirt from the indoor air constantly.
  • Mini-Split Systems

Mini-split systems work by absorbing the heat and producing cool air using the same technology as central AC but a different design. In this system, the evaporator and fan for each room are unique, installed at a height. But the condenser and compressor are the same for all units.


  • A mini-split system is more affordable as it does not require any ductwork.
  • Each fan and evaporator has a different thermostat that allows you to save energy by adjusting the temperature in different rooms.
  • Wall-mounted units are more pleasing and attractive than window units due to the unobstructed design

  • Window Units

Window ACs are the most common type of AC and are available at all departmental stores.


  • Window ACs are less expensive and don’t even require professional installation.
  • Window units are highly efficient and use less energy which helps you save money.
  • You can place your window unit anywhere near an electrical outlet and an exterior window.

Features of an Energy-Efficient AC

When you go shopping for a new energy-efficient AC, look for the following features.

  • Energy-Saving Mode

You will get an energy-saving mode or economy mode in some window units. Enabling this mode will automatically turn off the AC fan when your home has reached your desired temperature.

  • Programmable Temperature

Today most window units come with a digital display to set your desired temperature. And when it reaches that temperature, it shuts down automatically. The experts recommend keeping the temperature between 25 to 28 °C will help energy savings as your unit will run only when necessary.

  • Wifi-Enabled

The modern-day advanced air conditioners allow you to control the unit by a smartphone from everywhere. You can connect it directly to the wifi network in your home. You can get a smart thermostat if this feature is not available in your AC.

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