Heater Not Functioning? Here Are Some Home Repair Tips

If you’re a homeowner, there’s nothing more unpleasant than a broken furnace during the winter. If you find yourself in this scenario, you’ll want your furnace fixed immediately without delay. There are a few things to look out for to identify issues early, which could save you money in the long run. If you do require furnace repair in Grand Prairie, contact Anthony’s AC and Heating for premium service.

Troubleshooting Tips For Your Furnace

  • Monitor Thermostat

If you own a smart or programmable thermostat, it will require care when you go from cold weather to hot. Check that the thermostat has been set to heat or automatic settings. Increase the temperature to a higher level to activate the heating system.

After a few minutes, the heating system should start functioning with your thermostat set to heat mode at a high temperature. If not, proceed to the next steps for troubleshooting. If you find that the issue persists, contact Anthony’s AC and Heating for professional heating repair in Grand Prairie, TX.

  • Check The Power Source

Check whether the switch on your appliance remains in its on position. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got electricity or gas; there’s an electrical switch that needs to remain in its on position to operate correctly. If you own an electric appliance, you should inspect the circuit breaker to ensure electricity is delivered to the heating system.

If you own a gas heater, ensure there’s an indicator light. In addition, ensure that your gas heater has enough fuel for the device. Study the gas control valve and ensure it’s set to its on position.

  • Clean Filters

One of the most frequent problems with heating systems that are not working can be dirty air filters. If the filters are extremely dirty, the airflow could be restricted. Examine the air filters for cleanliness and registers, vents, and registers. Be sure that there aren’t any furniture or carpets blocking registers or vents in addition. If you find yourself in this scenario and are having trouble fixing the issue yourself, contact Anthony’s AC and Heating for expert heating service in Grand Prairie.

  • Check Condensation Pan

Examine the condensation pan of your system. If it’s filled, remove the pan. After that, examine the condensation drain line for obstructions. Many systems will automatically shut off if the condensation pan is filled. Clearing all condensation and draining out the pan, the system reset should allow you to re-establish the heating system.

  • Reset Overload Motor

If the motor in your heater has exceeded its temperature (often due to dirt and other debris), your whole system will shut down. Turning off the heating unit and giving it half an hour of rest is recommended to ensure it will cool.

After that, attempt to turn on the heater again. If the motor doesn’t start working, test the procedure for a second time. If, after the third attempt, it’s not successful, contact an expert from Anthony’s AC and Heating for heating service in Grand Prairie or the surrounding areas.


Suppose you’ve tried everything possible to ensure your heater is functioning correctly. In this case, it’s the right time to arrange an appointment with Anthony’s AC and Heating for furnace repairs to examine the situation.

Be sure your home is safe from costly furnace repairs by scheduling an appointment for a tune-up of your furnace today! Call us at 214-546-6353 for heating repair in Grand Prairie, TX.