How Do You Clean AC Coils Without Removing Them?

Your air conditioner functions well if it receives regular maintenance. Therefore, you need to inspect and maintain your AC unit regularly. Evaporator coils are an important component of your AC system. Heat is captured by the evaporator coil when air circulates in your home. Condenser coils are also used to help deliver hot air outside. Your air conditioner operates in this manner to keep your interiors cool. The heat transfer method requires the use of an evaporator coil. Your unit’s efficiency may suffer as a result of a clogged coil. As a result, it’s essential to keep it clean.

Types Of Coils In AC Units

In a split-system air conditioner, the indoor unit is composed of the furnace and the evaporator coil or fan coil, and the outdoor unit is made up of the compressor. This coil is usually located on the furnace’s outlet side or on the fan coil’s intake side. As a result, the fan blades can return cool air to the house

Evaporator Coil

Its sole purpose is to release heat outside. A copper tube runs through thin strips of aluminum, called bent fins, on most of the evaporator and condenser coils. A series of aluminum coils or spine fins help transfer heat from the inside to the outside.

Condensing Coil

Maintaining a clean air filter and the coil is important since these components are crucial to a functioning AC unit.

What Is The Purpose Of Cleaning AC Coils?

  • A coil can build up dust, debris, and other pollutants due to the tight spaces between its fins, moisture from the cooling process, and airflow across it.
  • Eventually, the buildup lessens the system’s ability to transfer the warmth into and out of your home, reducing your summer cooling. Furthermore, dirty coils can block airflow, increasing energy bills from inefficient usage.
  • In the worst-case scenario, dirty coils will make your system work more difficult and result in a shorter lifespan and more expensive repairs. Cleaner coils result in a more efficient system.

In More Detail, Dirty Coils Cause:

1. Excess buildup increases operating temperatures.

2. Inefficiencies in the air conditioning system reduce comfort.

3. The coils are clogged, resulting in lower cooling efficiency.

4. The dirty coil increases operating costs.

5. Due to the blocked evaporator coil, the system wears out faster,

6. Stress on the entire air conditioning system due to increased temperatures.

7. System repairs

How To Clean Air Conditioner Coils?

1. Make use of compressed air.

If the dirt on your coils isn’t too bad, you may blow it off with compressed air. For this approach, blow compressed air across your coil in the opposite direction of the typical airflow. For ac installation in Grand Prairie, seek the assistance of a professional.

2. Apply a brush

Using this procedure, sweep the dirt away with the brush and scrub harder just where necessary to eliminate the dirt. Again, use a soft brush and avoid strong bristles or wire brushes since these might harm the fins.

3. Commercial cleaners should be used

After you’ve decided on a brand, ensure to read the directions that come with each cleaner. Allow the commercial cleaner to rest and foam until the particles and foam have been removed. If required, reapply on the dirty side (as directed) until the fins are clean.

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