How Do You Fix Your AC If It Is Not Working?

Air conditioner troubles can make you furious, especially if they occur during the high heat of mid-summer. You are bound to rely on your air conditioner to keep you and your family comfortable, so it is understandable that you want to fix any annoying AC issues as soon as possible.

This tutorial will walk you through seven common problems with your air conditioning system, how to solve them, and when to consult for air conditioning repair in Grand Prairie, TX.

The AC Is Not Blowing Cool Air

If this occurs, decrease your thermostat by five degrees to observe if the air cools. If it does not work, one of the following might be to blame:

  • The evaporator has become dirty
  • The air filter is clogged
  • The refrigerant levels are insufficient

Ensure that your evaporator is clean, or hire a professional from AC repair in Grand Prairie to do it. You should change your air filter every month or two, depending on your temperature, pets in the house, and allergy sufferers. Before adding refrigerant, have a technician inspect your unit to ensure it is not leaking.

Refrigerant Leakage

Your air conditioner may leak either water or refrigerant. Condensation outside the air conditioning unit is normal, but brightly colored stains around the AC unit or water pouring inside your home suggest a serious issue.

Turn off the machine and contact an expert. A refrigerant leak might harm your compressor, which is an expensive component to replace.

Weird Smell

No smell should be coming from your air conditioner. If it does, something is most likely wrong. Air conditioners emit two types of odor: electrical and musty.

If you detect an electrical smell, immediately switch your system off and contact a professional. If you notice a musty smell, change your air filter, but the best way to avoid mold is to call for AC repair in Grand Prairie and have it inspected and cleaned regularly by a professional.

Frozen Condenser Coil

The condenser coil may freeze when you run your air conditioner constantly without stopping. When your condenser coil freezes, it may cause trouble with your electricity bill.

Check the coils for ice as ice should not develop on the unit, particularly in warmer weather. Although a dirty air filter might be a simple issue to fix, replace it. However, you should still have a professional check the system to ensure nothing important is broken.

Strange Noises

Apart from the whirling sound of the fan, your air conditioner should not make any noise. It’s generally a belt issue if you hear screeching noises. Regular maintenance may typically identify these problems before they start, but contact air conditioning repair in Grand Prairie, TX, if you hear strange noises. These problems are difficult to resolve, and attempting to do them on your risk of damaging the unit.

Keep Up With Anthony's AC and Heating

Do not overlook a malfunctioning air conditioner. Call on specialists from our team at Anthony’s AC and Heating to detect and repair simple issues mentioned above, such as a blocked filter or dirty coils, which can go unnoticed and create significant damage over time.

If you experience any of the problems listed above, give us a call! Anthony’s AC and Heating will never let you down.