Popular Home Heating Myths: Busted

Home heating is one of the most misunderstood concepts in HVAC. Many homeowners in Grand Prairie follow common advice that HVAC contractors do not recommend. To separate the good from bad, experts in heating services in Grand Prairie have compiled a list of common home heating myths that people follow but are not true.

  • Myth 1: You can reduce your heating bill by closing the vents.

    Truth: You may be increasing your heating bill by closing the vents. Your heating system works in synchronization with the heating system in your home. Some rooms receive warm air when you close the vents, while others do not.  As a result, the thermostat detects that the house is not at the temperature you want it to be. Therefore, even though the rooms with open vents are warm, the heating continues, increasing your electricity bill.

  • Myth 2: You should break down until the heating unit stops working to replace or repair.

    Truth: If you wait to search for an HVAC specialist near me until the last minute, chances are, you may be too late. Emergency heating services can only do so much damage control. Most heating units show signs that they are about to break down. If you keep an eye out for these, you will be able to replace or repair the unit before it breaks down completely. If you wait for the unit to break down, the contractor will have to repair more problems, and you will have to spend more money.

  • Myth 3: Turning up your thermostat will make the home warm faster.
    Truth: No, but it may have an opposite effect. When you crank the temperature by 5-7 degrees in one go, the heating unit tries to compensate by pushing out more warm air. However, this means your heating unit is not focused on energy efficiency. Therefore, the ideal way is to lower the temperature on your thermostat one degree at a time to ensure maximum energy efficiency. This tip is recommended by most heating services in Grand Prairie.

  • Myth 4: Turning off your heating unit when you are not home will save money.
    Yes, it will save some money, but this is not a large amount. Additionally, because your home will be at a lower temperature when you restart your heating unit, your thermostat may try to compensate by lowering the temperature rapidly. There are two problems with this:
        1. Your unit will no longer be energy efficient
        2. Your unit will face more pressure and strain, which can cause other problems
  • Myth 5: Any heating contractor will do the job.
    : Unfortunately, no! A contractor’s expertise makes a significant amount of difference. It will affect the quality, the price you pay, and how long-lasting the service is. Interviewing a contractor and determining whether they have experience with a unit you have is important. Simply looking for an HVAC specialist near me will give you many results, but all of them will not be a good fit for your requirement.

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