Things To Check During AC Installation!

A machine will perform the best when it is installed correctly. If not installed properly, the machine will require timely maintenance. To maintain the AC unit properly, the AC installation should be performed with utmost accuracy.

You can always select the best unit, but getting it installed properly is key to its function, in this case, opt for only the professionals when it comes to AC installation in Grand Prairie.

Acknowledge expert advice for AC installation. Make sure to go through the following checkpoints before paying the money to the technician.

Main Things To Check While AC Installation Are As Follows:

Window AC Unit Installation

Window AC unit installation is not as easy as it seems because it comprises a single unit that is fixed in the window. The technician will install the ac unit in the symmetry of the window, and also it has to be done with proper padding to avoid the vibrations.

Caution – If the window AC installation is an aluminum window, it will create unnecessary noises that would not be comfortable for you and your family.

Split AC Unit Installation

Split AC has two parts: Indoor AC unit and outdoor AC unit.

Indoor AC Unit

The indoor AC unit hangs on the base plate. The plate must be in a horizontal position; therefore, it is important to screw the base plate on the wall like a sturdy surface for uninterrupted water flow and coolant in the unit.

Caution – If the indoor AC unit installation is tilted, the condensed water will not drain properly.

Look For the Drainpipes

Water finds its way anyhow. Therefore it becomes important to look for the routing of the drain pipes as the condensed water from the AC unit drains out through the drain pipes. A sloping drainpipe would do the work better and effectively, but it is better left to the experts to place the drainpipe.

Caution – There can be chances of continuous water dripping from the unit if the drainpipe is not installed properly.

Look For the Copper Pipes

Copper pipes need to be short. The coolant from the outdoor ac unit travels to the indoor units through the copper pipes. There should be no cuts and tears in the foam insulation to avoid any mishap to the system.

Caution – A copper pipe is essential as the cooling is dependent on it. Thus, any fault in these pipes would directly affect the cooling issue.

Outdoor AC Units

AC installation also includes the outdoor AC units that generate vibrations and are noisy. Therefore it is essential to place these units away from the internal spaces.

The outdoor AC unit releases hot air, so it is important to level the outdoor AC unit conveniently so that the hot air does not enter the internal spaces.

Caution – If you cover the outdoor AC unit, it becomes a problem for the heat to escape, resulting in premature wear and tear.

The AC installer or the technician’s job is to install the AC unit properly. Once installed, make sure that the system works efficiently.

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