Troubleshooting Strange Furnace Sounds in Your Home

When machines work, it generates noise, but we need to differentiate between normal noise and when it needs your attention. When talking about normal furnace noises, you should expect them to be barely audible, but when you hear abrupt furnace noises, you need to respond quickly. Our heating contractor in Grand Prairie outlines what sounds are normal from your furnace and when to call a professional for assistance:

The Source Of The Noise Coming From Your Heating System

Some of the possible causes of unusual noises from your heating system include:

  • A difficulty with the igniting of gasoline
  • Filters that are clogged or filthy
  • Ducts that are dislodged
  • A dangling blower fan
  • Heat exchanger with cracks
  • Sedimentation is a term used to describe the accumulation of sediment in a body of (in a water heater)
  • Fan belt that has seen better days
  • A dripping faucet

Your furnace or heating system will most likely create a unique noise to warn you of a potential problem.

Simple Solutions For Keeping Your HVAC System Quiet

A noisy heating system can sometimes be quietened with a couple of minor fixes. You may help your furnace or heat pump run more quietly at home by doing the following:

1. Replace Your Air Filter:
Your furnace’s filter collects dust, hair, and pet fur, preventing it from passing down the ductwork and circulating your home. The filters might become filthy and clogged after months of regular use. If your furnace is whistling, you might consider changing the air filter. A clogged filter might make it difficult for air to circulate freely through the furnace. As a general rule, changing the filter at least once a year is a good idea.

2. Request Routine or Preventative Maintenance:
Like a car or a bicycle, a heating system needs frequent tune-ups and inspections to ensure that everything is running properly. A professional will adjust and clean sections of the furnace during a tune-up, helping to improve its performance and avoiding furnace repair in Grand Prairie.

3. Examine The Dampers:
If some vents or dampers in your home are closed, airflow may be impeded, resulting in a whistling noise from the furnace. Examine the vents in your home and, if necessary, adjust them or open them.

4. Test The Ducts:
From rattling to pounding, air ducts can make a variety of noises. Look for loose joints, dings or dents, and space between the ducts and the vents while inspecting your ducting. If you see loose parts, try to fix them or use duct tape to seal them.

When Should You Contact A Furnace Repair Or Replacement Company?

Although rattling, whistling, and humming are usually harmless, some noises should not be overlooked. Depending on its age and overall health, your furnace may need to be repaired or replaced if it makes a loud “bang” or “boom” or starts rumbling, screeching, or knocking. Turn off the furnace and dial F for HVAC services. One of our certified technicians will come out to your home and evaluate your system to see what’s wrong. Based on our findings, we may propose that your system be repaired or replaced.

Call Anthony’s AC and Heating if you hear weird furnace noises and want to figure out what’s wrong. Anthony’s services can help you find the best solution to stop the noises and enhance comfort in your Grand Prairie area home, whether you need a tune-up, heating repair, or a new heating system. Give us a call at 214-546-6353 to book our services.